Floating Studio for Dark Ecologies (Dylan Gauthier, Kendra Sullivan, and Marina Zurkow)

D.I.Y Post-Natural Ecosystems: A Field Guide to Field Guides


Under the collective name Floating Studio for Dark Ecologies, Dylan Gauthier, Kendra Sullivan, and Marina Zurkow have come together to catalyze connections between artists, activists, and citizen scientists working and living amidst accelerated changes, globalization and deep uncertainty. “Dark ecology” (Timothy Morton) challenges Romantic views of nature as separate from human action and invites us to “make visible what is hiding underneath.”

D.I.Y. Post-Natural Ecosystems – a working method for creating field guides to “Dark Ecologies” – is an open source tool intended to generate a library of field guides to novel ecosystems and under-recognized infrastructures. It provides instructions, models, and methods of documenting and archiving hyperobjects and interrelationships across geologic time and planetary scales. Included is a plan for a flat bottomed punt (designed with the collective Mare Liberum) which can be constructed from found materials, and a workshop outline. The FSDE Field Guides project offers the opportunity to invest in a new mindset: creative imagination as emergency preparedness.