Phase 3: Tools for a Healthy Watershed

Explore Phase 3 of the Ecotopian Toolkit Project exhibit at the Independence Seaport Museum through the visuals and text below.

Tools for a Healthy Watershed

In 2021, the five Toolmakers held public workshops to prototype and play-test tools designed to support and promote the health of the Delaware River watershed as well as to gather community feedback. This phase of The 2022 Ecotopian Toolkit Project is all about sharing that process! 

As we humans adapt to and navigate our changing world, we hope that these five distinct ways to support the Delaware River and its many inhabitants will inspire you to think creatively about how we can protect our waterways and the lives they nurture. We invite you to be inspired: please adapt and adopt these tools for your own use! If you missed a workshop or want to learn more, stay tuned for our upcoming print and digital catalogs of “ecotopian” tools.

Explore our Tools for Water 2022 tab to learn more about each Toolmakers’ final projects.